Brunings Lecture


23 January 2025 – 10th edition (more information will follow)


18 January 2024 – 9th edition of the Brunings lecture: Living coastal systems

The annual Christiaan Brunings Lecture brings together the scientists, practitioners and managers of rivers and estuaries. For those who couldn’t attend or for those who want to see it again: please watch the videos below.

Lecture by Dr Maike Paul

Dr Maike Paul, coastal geoecologist at Leibniz University Hannover: “Saltmarshes in coastal protection  – What to expect in the future?”

Lecture slides Maike Paul

Lecture by Dr Allert Bijleveld

Dr Allert Bijleveld, behavioural ecologist at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ): “Cascading effects in the Wadden Sea ecosystem: From sediment structure to shorebirds”

Lecture slides Allert Bijleveld

Lecture by Prof. Dr Maarten Kleinhans

Intermezzo about complex systems by Prof. Maarten Kleinhans.

Lecture slides Maarten Kleinhans