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Brunings Lecture


Program 14 January 2020 1-5 pm

What: The annual Christiaan Brunings Lecture brings together the scientists, practitioners and managers of rivers and estuaries as well as other professionals in the field. This year, our own estuaries researchers showed their work in a lively setup of very brief presentations connected in a greater storyline. We hope the overview will inspire you and help you to understand and apply our insights in your work.


13:30 Patterns in the sand: a story about bars, bends, bifurcations and mud
Break: historic map exhibition in the Library
15:00 Living waterscapes and land level rise: a story about past and future
15:45 walk to Earth Simulation Lab for drinks at the Metronome

These are the Brunings2020_lectureslides of the live presentation.

For ever after: Short online movies on this website are connected in various storylines with direct links to our open access publications.